How to fix flat feet

The arch in our foot acts as a spring that is incredibly important when it comes to the mechanics of running. A study found that there was an average 5mm drop in foot arch after runners ran a half marathon.

Performing some stretches and foot exercises at home can often help raise a fallen arch. Here are a few easy exercises to get you started.

Just like we’ve previously done in our best fitness tracker for diabetics, today we’re going to take a deep dive into how to fix flat feet.

How to remedy fallen arches

1.Toe Yoga

Yup, that’s right and if you have flat feet, it’s a lot harder than it sounds! Stand with your feet squarely on the ground. Lift your big toe off the ground, while keeping the other 4 toes firmly planted on the ground. Next, keep your big toe on the ground, while lifting the other 4 off the ground. Repeat several sets of this routine on both feet.

2.Toe curls

Basically, toe curls are like sit-ups for your feet. Place a dish towel on the ground. Step on the dish towel. While keeping your heel planted on the ground, try to pick up the dish towel with your toes by curling them under. Then release the towel, so it lies flat on the ground. Work towards being able to repeat the action 20 times with each foot.

3. Calf Raises

Stand with your toes on the edge of a curb, with your heels hanging off the edge. Move your heels up and down. If you have trouble balancing, place a chair in front of you to steady yourself.

4.Hip flexor stretches

If you have flat feet, your hip flexors are most likely tight, since they’re over-compensating for the loose muscles in your feet. Sit down and press the bottoms of your feet together. Pull your feet as close to your body as you can, and then slowly press your knees towards the ground.

You can also perform a Downward Dog, by placing your hands on the ground, while attempting to keep your feet flat on the ground, making a triangle with your body, using the ground as the base.

Is surgery an option?

Sure, you can have reconstruction surgery on your feet. However, it is incredibly painful and takes a long time to recover.

What about orthotics?

You can wear either custom or generic orthotics. Orthotics artificially support the arches of your feet. This can relieve pain caused by flat feet, but only while wearing the orthotics. However, one study suggests that runners who ran with artificial support continued to experience pain while running.

Will going barefoot help?

Sure! After all, it would make sense that out feet weren’t intended to be stuffed into shoes all day. In fact, a study conducted on children found that children who wore shoes were 3 to 4 times more likely be prone to flat feet as an adult.

Some claim an advantage to barefoot running is that it is better and more natural for your feet. However, there have not been many studies done on the health of the foot muscles comparing barefoot runners to shod runners. One very small study suggests that there is no significant difference and that running barefoot “may not” result in a strengthening of the foot muscles.

If in doubt, find a podiatrist you trust!

Ultimately if you’re experiencing pain or think that your love of running has given you flat feet, it’s best to seek out a podiatrist who can help you make sure that you’re doing everything you can to fix your flat feet without causing further injury. Taking proper care of your feet is incredibly important; after all, they’re your most essential running asset!

The Rise of Fitness Tracking Software

For the longest time, I’ve been a huge fan of Anand Sharmas website, April Zero.

He’s created a beautiful app that logs all aspects of his life, including:

  • Sleep
  • Heart rate
  • Exercise
  • Steps and fitness
  • Places he’s visited
  • Age

Honestly, the website is a genius idea.

This has got me thinking a little bit more about the rise of fitness tracking software and how it could be used to create a complete history of my health and fitness.

How awesome would it be to have years and years worth of health data – once enough data has been acquired, we could then theoretically use machine learning to predict when we’re going to get sick, spot warning signs of imminent weight gain, track stress levels so we know when to chill and let us know when we’re most active.

The possibilities are endless.

For example, I know that I don’t sleep well when I’ve had a few beers.

My wife tells me that I’m always restless and I always en up waking early and sitting around all day watching junk food. With proper tracking, I could see how this affects me in the following days.

Again, another easy example would be to track my TSS (training stress score) from my cycling with sleep so I can make time to get an early night and eat more protein when I’m in a particularly tricky phase of training.

It’s really an interesting time to be alive.

One thing I’ve noticed is that over the last few years, the products recommended on the list of best sports watch for running by Women’s Running magazine – the cost has continued to fall while the technology has drastically improved meaning a real-time life monitor is available for everyone.

Again, thanks to API’s and software such as IFTTT and zappier, I can upload 1 file and have it pulled into multiple systems. Then using my own code, I can analyse my real time data to see what’s happening.

Python might be particularly useful for this…

What can you get from a fitness tracking software

The fitness tracking software is a software that can help you with your health by calculating the number of steps you have taken and calorie you have consumed. Besides that, though it can keep you updated on what’s new in your health program. It is actually because of this software that a lot of people have achieved an excellent healthy lifestyle. Here are even the offers that the fitness tracking software can give you.

Value for your money: one of the things that you can from the fitness tracking software is value for your money. You see, this is the software that can help you reach your healthy lifestyle without having to do too much work. Remember that before you would have to take down notes on everything you have done to be healthy, but with this software then it will be the one to do all the work for you.

Quality and updated information: another thing that the fitness tracking software can offer you is quality and updated information. The software, after all, can calculate how many steps you have taken or how much calories you have the consumer. With the quality and updated information that you have to receive then you can be more aware of your health and thus you would find ways to improve your health.

Applicable information: since you will receive information from the fitness tracking software then you can use that information to better your heat or if there are certain things you have to do in order to lessen any health risk. An example would be if your blood sugar is too high then it would be best that you exercise to maintain the level of your blood sugar.

High-tech help: it can even offer you high-tech help since it can easily calculate certain things for you and inform you about your current health status. Remember that before you would need to do things manually like write down everything you have done and eaten in order for you to know how far you have been in your health program. With the software, it will do everything for you so that you can just concentrate on making yourself better.

Easy to carry and manage: the offers of the fitness tracking software is it can be easy for you to carry it around and manage since it is a software that you can place in any of your phone or gadgets. At least this way you wouldn’t skip out or lie to the gadget about the things you have been doing.

By knowing the offers of the fitness tracking software you can bet that this can be a great thing to have especially if you really need help with your fitness routine. Remember that the world is getting fully to the technological stage so you can bet that doing things manual wouldn’t be a thing anymore. That is why if you have the chance to have this software then it would be best that you get it because it can be a great help for you.

Advantage you get from a fitness tracking software  

A fitness tracking software is a software that can help you be updated and be more aware of the status of your health. Remember that in today’s society you can sometimes be too busy to be aware of your health that is why with this software you would always be aware and be updated on your current health status. At least this way you would be more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Here is even the advantage that you can get from a fitness tracking software.

Healthier lifestyle: one of the advantages that you can get from a fitness tracking software is you can do a healthier lifestyle with it. You see the software will inform you about the current health status you are in by giving you health information like your current blood sugar so that you will be aware that you need to limit your sugar intake. 

No force decision: another advantage that you can get from the fitness tracking software is you aren’t forced to do anything on your road to a healthy and fit life. Remember that it will just give you information about your health and how you react to it or how you will do something to it will depend on you. At least you will always get motivated to be really healthy and be fit.

Eye opener: when it comes to the fitness tracking software then the advantage that you can get from it is it is an eye opener for you. Remember that the software will not lie about the information that you receive from it so it will be an eye opener for you when you find out that there is something wrong with your health but don’t worry since you can improve it by being healthy.

Update in your health: the fitness tracking can also give the excellent update in your health when you are using it while doing the exercise like walking and knowing your calorie intake. At least this way if you are wondering if you have made any improvements to your healthy lifestyle then the fitness tracking software will help you in that matter. At least this way you would know if you need to improve more or you should just maintain your current status.

Easy to use: the great advantage of the fitness tracking software is it can be easy for you to use that it wouldn’t matter on what generation you are living in because as long as you read the label and you read the instruction then you are in good hands. The good change will definitely be coming for you because of it.

Now you know what the advantage are when you have the fitness tracking software and if you want to experience such great advantage then it would be best that you have the software because it can change things for the better for you. Remember that it will just give you information and when you receive the information then everything will now depend on you which is great since it will check on how much you want it.

Why have a fitness tracking software 

There are a lot of ways and things that you can use to help you in changing your lifestyle into a healthier one. There are books, fitness shows, exercise, and diet but the question is how long will you be able to use it until you give up on it? That is why if you know that you can’t continue such work you should find something that can help you continue without forcing you to do it since you were the one to decide it. What you need is the fitness tracking software since this can help you in so many ways. Here are seven reasons why you should have it.

To motivate you: with the fitness tracking software you will always be motivated to maintain your healthy lifestyle or your fitness program. The reason is that it will tell you how far you have gone with your walk, your calorie intake, and others. This way if you know you aren’t doing so well then you will get motivated in making things better for yourself. Remember that in the end, everything will go to you.

To keep you updated: another reason why you should have the fitness tracking software is that it keeps you updated on your status for a healthier and fitter life. Remember that since this is an application then you wouldn’t need to write down everything in your notebook to know your current status because the application will be there to help you. This way as well there wouldn’t be any lies to your updated since the application wouldn’t lie.

To help you: if you aren’t happy with your current self because of health reason then the fitness tracking software will be there to help you out. Though it can’t tell you exactly what to do it can still help you by giving your information about the regime you have been doing and your current health status. By knowing that, it will help you realize that you need to start changing your lifestyle if you want to be happy with yourself.

To keep you on track: when you have the fitness tracking software then it can keep you on track with your current status for a healthier lifestyle. Remember that it will always update itself when you have done something to change its setting. This way you would immediately know if you are progressing or not and through that you will always be on track on your road to a healthier and fitter you.

To teach you about health: though there aren’t any specific way for you to be taught about your health through the fitness tracking software it can teach you about health by letting you realize the difference that you feel when you lessen your calorie intake and when you start exercising. Remember that when you actually learn through experiencing then it can remember it for a long time.

Now you know why you should have a fitness tracking software because it can prove to be really helpful to you. If you truly want to go to a path filled with health and wellness then this software can take you there. Remember that this lifestyle can be hard, to begin with since there will be a lot of changes but with the fitness and tracking software then it can make things bearable for you. That is why you should have one since there are a lot of good reason why you should have it.

Benefits of fitness tracking software  

There are a lot of innovations made today in order to help you make your life better. The fitness tracking software is no different from it because in today’s society it can’t be helped that there are a lot of people who needs to change their lifestyle for the better. That is why the software has been created in order to help you. This after all doesn’t require you to do much tinkering with it to show you that it can be a good thing to have here are the benefits of a fitness tracking software.

Easy to manage: when it comes to the fitness tracking software then the benefit that it can give you is it can be easy for you to manage. You don’t need to be a technological genius to use all the icons of the application. As long as you read the labels and read the instruction then you can easily use the application and be more aware of your health.

Well, organize: another benefit about the fitness tracking software is it is well organized. This would mean that all the icons are placed accordingly so that you would be able to look at it in one go. This way you wouldn’t be confused about where a certain icon is located because everything will be placed accordingly for your benefit. Your healthy routine would go smooth thanks to this.

Makes you more aware, health wise: it is because of the fitness tracking software that you will be more aware of your health since this will inform you about your current status in your healthy lifestyle. With this, you would be more motivated in continuing your healthy lifestyle or being fit since you are always updated on what the things are happening in your fitness process.

Portable: the fitness tracking software is also very portable since you can always download it on your phone but if you have a high-tech watch then you can always use it too. You can bring the fitness tracking software anywhere you go and no matter what it will still give you updates about your health and your fitness process. If you wanted to you can go jogging with this to have better updates in your fitness program.

High technology: there are a lot of high technology and the fitness tracking software is one of it and that is what makes it beneficial to you. You wouldn’t have to take down notes on your notebook just to update yourself on your road to fitness because the application will do that for you. So if ever you want to start changing then having this can be good for you.

Now you know what the benefits are when it comes to the fitness tracking software. So if ever you want to start being healthy and being fit then having the fitness tracking software can be a great benefit to you. Remember that all you have to do is download it in your phone and try it out. You wouldn’t have any more excuses as to why you shouldn’t exercise because the updates that you will receive from it can be eye opening.